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Mt. Yushan

Mt. Yushan, also known as "Jade Mountain", is the highest peak in Taiwan and the stuff of legend. Some say that climbing to the summit is like reaching the top of the world, while others say it's like a giant stairmaster from hell. But one thing's for sure, the views from the top are absolutely breathtaking... assuming you can catch your breath from the climb.

But don't let the grueling hike fool you, Mt. Yushan is also a mountain of surprises. From the mischievous monkeys that like to steal your snacks, to the hidden hot springs that will soothe your sore muscles. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, except the stakes are higher and the rewards are sweeter.

Just be sure to pack your sense of humor, because this mountain will test it. And don't forget to bring plenty of snacks, because as the saying goes, "a fed hiker is a happy hiker." And trust me, you'll want to be a happy hiker when you reach that summit.

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