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Meet Jeg, a true bacon-loving, dinuguan-devouring, beer-chugging Filipino who has made a home in the great white north. This straight-shooter doesn't mince words and always speaks his mind, but that's just part of his charm. When he’s not chowing down on his favorite savory dishes, you can find him out in the great outdoors, hiking through the mountains and catching waves at the beach (although he may be more of a noob on that front). Despite being a tropical islander at heart, Jeg has a strange love for cold weather and will happily trade a beach day for a snowy adventure. But don't let the rugged exterior fool you, this adventurer is also a huge Star Wars fan and can often be found battling it out in the virtual world of World of Warcraft. Jeg is the ultimate combination of toughness and nerdiness.


Best Hike: Mt. Amuyao traverse (Bokod-Patyay-Cambulo)

Best Roadtrip: Iceland via the Ring Road

Highest Mountain Climbed: Mt. Toubkal

Country with the best food: Japan

Country with the best views: Morocco

Country with the best beaches: Philippines

Coldest Temperature experienced: -27 C

Best Beer: San Miguel / Sapporo

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